Betvisa Privacy Policy

The hidden details of its players are protected by Betvisa. This privacy statement explains what details the company gathers when you use its services, why it gathers this data, and how it uses the material it obtains.

The hidden details of its players are protected by Betvisa

What Kind of Information Does Betvisa Gather?

The brand defines non-public details as data that may be used to identify a specific person, such as name and surname, date of birth, residence or other physical location, email address, telephone number, or other pertinent details. When you access its site, sign up for a profile, or use its offerings, you might be asked for specific facts. 

Betvisa keeps this material on servers based in multiple places as well as occasionally elsewhere. Betvisa servers maintain an activity log for each interaction you have with the services that are specific to you and gather some traffic and administrative details. The provision and caliber of company amenities depend heavily on this material. No hidden details about you are gathered by the bookmaker without your consent.

How Is Hidden Material Gathered?

When you supply non-public facts through the services or other means of contact or interaction on the BetVisa site, the bookmaker may automatically gather some materials about you. 

Additionally, the bookmaker might get hidden details from online retailers and service providers, as well as from client lists that are legitimately purchased from outside vendors. Additionally, the company may use outside service providers to offer technical assistance for handling online transactions and managing profiles. 

Any details you give to such suppliers will be accessible to the company, and its staff will use the non-public details in accordance with this Privacy document. The company takes precautions to guarantee that your privacy is protected through the agreements it has with online suppliers.

The gambling site maintains the ability to carry out a security assessment at any time to confirm the registration details you supplied, to examine your use of the facilities and your financial activities for any violations of its terms and conditions and any relevant laws, and to audit your use of the services. 

You give Betvisa permission to use your nonpublic facts and to disclose it to third parties for the purpose of validating the material you provide while using its products and services, including, when and where necessary, the transfer of details outside of your country. This permission is granted in exchange for your use of Betvisa services and your agreement to its Terms and Conditions. 

Security reviews could involve getting a credit report or checking the supplied details against external databases, among other things. You also agree to supply any facts or supporting documentation that the bookmaker may need in order to conduct these security assessments.


The bookmaker is aware of the value of security and the methods required to protect material. The bookie maintains all hidden materials it obtains from you directly in an encrypted and password-protected database that is housed in its secure network and protected by cutting-edge firewall software. The company also takes steps to verify that its suppliers, agents, affiliates, and subsidiaries have appropriate security measures in place.

Protection of Minors

Persons under the legal age of 18 or below the age of maturity in their respective jurisdictions are not the target audience for the bookie services. Any individual who submits hidden details through a corporate service verifies that they are at least 18 years old or of legal majority. 

It is Betvisa’s practice to stop minors from using its services, which can necessitate starting a security evaluation. Any attempt by a minor to register or to submit hidden details using Betvisa services will be rejected, and the submission and/or registration will be erased from the company’s records.